Since 1990

Wildlife Conservation and Patrol

Bringing the versatility of helicopters to the conservation and anti-poaching industries, the Leading Edge Aviation fleet is capable and ready to assist.

Movement of Endangered Animals

Whether its deployment of rangers or the safe movement of endangered animals, both the Huey and the Black Hawk have a proven track record.

Our Huey has successfully relocated animals up to the black rhino, while the Black Hawk has successfully moved up to and including white rhino.

In what can only be described as a feat of engineering, aerodynamics and conservation, Leading Edge Aviation has been involved in the relocation of the endangered rhino by heavy lift helicopter as these animals often frequent inaccessible parts of our reserves and this method of airlifting them closer to heavy trucks required to transport them ensures they are moved quickly, safely and humanely thus causing them the least amount of stress.

Other Services

Aircraft Refurbishment

Fire Fighting

Heavy Lift and Construction